MP Global Thermal Packaging Products: Insulated envelopes and box liners

Eco-smart, foam-free thermal packaging protects shipments of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals.

MP Global Thermal Packaging Products’ insulated mailers and box liners are designed for temperature control and protection of mail order shipments of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, pet meds, and natural and organic cosmetics.

MP Global Thermal Packaging Products’ insulated envelopes and box liners are available in variable thicknesses of ultra-insulating padding. The liners can be customized to fit snuggly inside existing shipping containers, thereby saving space on pallets and shelves and minimizing shipping costs.

The patented cotton-enhanced insulating materials used in all the packaging products offer soft-cushioning thermal protection. The packaging post-use is disposable as ordinary household trash.

The insulating cotton padding is produced using a selected blend of recycled cotton fibers that are super-absorbent for the containment of spills. It contains a time-sensitive, EPA-approved antimicrobial additive for cross-contamination prevention. The cotton materials are completely aerobic and anaerobically biodegradable in less than one year when in the presence of active microorganisms as verified by ASTM D-6400 bio-disintegration testing.

The nonwoven cotton insulation fibers in the packaging liners are considered compostable and comply with Federal Trade Commission’s 2013 Green guidelines. The protective poly film contains a special additive that is designed to attract microbes and thus stimulate biodegradation in more than a year.

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