121nexus Announces Rebrand to “Soom”

Soom brings a passionate problem-solving approach to unlocking healthcare information for improved quality and safety outcomes

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121nexus, a pioneer in utilizing barcode technology to bridge information gaps between data sources and physical products, announces today its new company name, Soom. Through the rebranding, the company is also declaring its exclusive focus on the healthcare industry that goes hand in hand with its mission – to harness the power and efficiency of technology to advance the quality and safety of healthcare. For everyone.

“Soom, meaning ‘breath’, encapsulates all that the company stands for. Like a breath of fresh air, we’re rethinking how the healthcare industry uses proven technologies like barcodes and mobile scanning, as well as emerging technology like blockchain, to improve safety, collaboration, efficiency and equality throughout the healthcare value chain,” says Charlie Kim, Soom’s president and CEO.

In 2015, the launch of the FDA’s openFDA databases provided a wealth of product data, such as expiration dates and recall information. Soom combined the power of mobile scan and cloud-based technology to be the first and only company to unlock a simple solution that connects this data to individual medical devices. It applied this approach to connecting with other healthcare information sources, weaving together various data threads to deliver the most accurate and relevant product information.

Soom’s enterprise software solution makes an immediate positive impact on medical device manufacturers by solving the critical needs toeliminate backlogs in the supply chain caused by data errors, improve IT efficiency and productivity, maintain regulatory compliance withUnique Device Identification (UDI) and Medical Device Regulation (MDR), and avoid adverse events like product recalls. With Soom’s solution, medical devicemanufacturers can feel confident about the accuracy of their product master data. Manufacturers and their customers will save time, recapture costs and keep their supply chains moving.

In early 2019, Soom will deliver SoomScan, its next generation Version 4 mobile scan app, adding functionality to share safety and use information about a unique medical device, signaling synergy within the entire medical device ecosystem. SoomScan will connect multiple data sources, including openFDA, UDI barcode data, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) and product lifecycle management (PLM) systems.

“Our technology connects the work of many companies, government agencies and standards organizations, bridging the gaps between siloed sources of important healthcare information,” says Kim. “Putting this critical information at the fingertips of users makes for healthier businesses and, most importantly, healthier patients.”

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