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OPTEL GROUP, a leading global provider of traceability systems, announced today that Desjardins Group is providing the company with CAD $68 million in loans in order to support its growth and expansion plans.

Such financial support will allow OPTEL to extend its traceability service offer as well as diversify its activities in the healthcare, medical devices and research and development fields as well as in other various fields, such as food and natural resources. This assistance also aims at improving OPTEL’s predominance and influence in one of its usual markets – pharmaceuticals.

OPTEL already owns 25% of the global market share for the healthcare Track & Trace hardware systems market and keeps exhibiting its proficiency in securing the medical products’ supply chain. “OPTEL is always looking to push limits and rise to next-level, more difficult challenges. These issues that humanity is facing, they require innovative solutions. This support from Desjardins will allow us to go even further in our growth, by entering new, crucial markets to create a more sustainable world”, declares Louis Roy, OPTEL president.

“Desjardins is pleased to grant these loans, because we trust the OPTEL brand completely. The financial situation of the company is excellent and it was very important to us to support their expansion and growth”, adds Robert Bastien, vice-president, Business Services at Desjardins Group.

OPTEL is constantly committing to attain new objectives, on a bigger scale, and Desjardins Group is a critical ally to make them a reality. Indeed, not only are they the leading cooperative financial group in Canada, but Desjardins also stands out with its commitment, financial strength and contribution to sustainable prosperity. Since Desjardins’ and OPTEL’s values are perfectly aligned, this collaboration between two leaders in their respective field is entirely logical and will help OPTEL maintain its present momentum, by continuing developing solutions perfectly adapted to its customers’ needs and able to solve real issues.

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