Bilcare Academy 2017 Technical Seminar Conveniently Set Prior to Contract Pharma’s 16th Annual Contracting and Outsourcing Conference in September

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Leaders and Packaging Innovators will review drug stability challenges and the latest innovations to increase shelf life, improve product efficacy and patient safety

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Bilcare Research Inc., US operations of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of blister packaging solutions Bilcare Research, will host its third annual educational event, Bilcare Academy, covering a range of topics focusing on the crucial role packaging plays in the pharmaceutical life cycle. The event will take place at the Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick, NJ on September 13 – a day before the 16th Annual Contract Pharma Contracting and Outsourcing Conference & Tabletop Exhibition.

While the agenda is still developing, Bilcare Research is excited to announce that Dr. Desmond Hunt, Senior Scientific Officer, USP will provide an USP Standards update on the suitability of plastic packaging materials and systems for therapeutic products. In addition, Kim Huynh-Ba, Executive Director, PHARMALYTIK LLC will join the group to present Challenges to Product Stability not addressed in ICH Guidelines. Invited sponsor, CSP Technologies will provide a non-promotional, educational presentation, Enhancing Shelf Life and Simplifying Package Design for Oral Solid Doses using Engineered Polymers for Head-Space Management within Blister Packaging. Dr. Ajith, Nair, Senior Vice President, Pharma Packaging Solutions, Global PPI for Bilcare Research, will present Software Simulation and Modeling in Addressing Stability and Packaging Challenges. In addition to the CSP Technologies sponsorship, Bilcare is pleased to announce Solvay and Honeywell will also be hosting sponsors. Bilcare Academy is a special event offered by invitation only through your local Bilcare representative. For more information, contact your Bilcare representative or

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