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Better to Check: KHS InnoPET Blomax Machines Now With Newly Developed Preform Inspector

Under the name of Innocheck PPI KHS GmbH is now offering a multistage preform inspection program which it has developed in house.

This recognizes faulty preforms, finds foreign objects in preforms and detects the tiniest damage. The Innocheck PPI therefore assists operators with their quality assurance and helps to ensure a trouble-free, efficient stretch blow molding process with a detection rate of almost 100%.

The German supplier of filling and packaging systems has been equipping its KHS InnoPET Blomax stretch blow molders in series III and IV with inspection devices for many years. This equipment detects errors and damage to preforms and containers. Around 40% of all stretch blow molders are now fitted with an inspection system. With immediate effect KHS is now integrating its own Innocheck PPI preform inspection unit developed in house into its plant engineering. This supplements the Innocheck portfolio which also includes the successful Innocheck PCI PET container inspector. "In conjunction with our preform inspection unit this tried-and-tested system now forms a high-quality turnkey system. With it we're again boosting the product quality and ease of operation in the stretch blow molding process, whether with a new system or one retrofitted into existing Blomax models," explains Meike Schulz, Line Development and Product Management. The new Innocheck PPI preform inspector thus considerably improves quality during PET bottle manufacture.

Finds faults and cuts costs

Typical faults detected by a preform inspector can be foreign objects in the preform or the slightest damage to the preform's sealing surface which could cause leaks and products to spoil at a later date. If the preform which enters the stretch blow molder is faulty, this can thus be clearly detected.

The Innocheck PPI preform inspector is directly integrated into the stretch blow molder's preform separator where it first assesses the quality of the sealing surface. A second end cap imaging camera then reliably detects any distortion or contamination of transparent and practically opaque PET preforms. The smallest deviations in color are even ascertained and the preform length determined with an accuracy of ±1 mm. Special image processing software evaluates any possible errors in real time, enabling up to 81,000 preforms to be inspected per hour. Faulty preforms are reliably rejected prior to stretch blow molding. This saves on compressed air and increases both line availability and consumer safety as only preforms of perfect quality are blown to form bottles. The number of rejected blown bottles is reduced.

Thanks to their sophisticated, modular design all KHS inspection systems integrated into Blomax models or retrofitted into existing Series IV machines are also centrally and conveniently operated through just one control unit.

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