MG2: The Leading Company in Capsule Filling Blows Out Fifty Candles

In 2016 MG2, an industrial group specialized in the design, manufacturing and marketing of packaging machines for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, turns fifty: a goal achieved in a very dynamic time for the Company which, in view of its leadership in the field of capsule fillers, keeps expanding its portfolio of solutions dedicated to pharmaceutical process and packaging.

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"Starting from its foundation - says Manuela Gamberini, Sales Manager - MG2 has always pursued a policy of improvement of its productive processes, seeking for cutting edge solutions and showing a strong vocation to export. At the same time, we are deeply connected to our native background, that Packaging Valley well known in the world as a technological district of excellence, where we sink our roots and we have established the only productive headquarter. The bond with our territory, the constantly increasing know-how and the development of flexible and technologically advanced solutions: these are the factors which have been the base of our success for fifty years, and which make us stand out as a world excellence leader. 2016 is an essential landmark in our path which, in spite of many difficulties, has been full of success and satisfaction and is expected to be still long". A path started in March 1966, which now sees the Company moving in the global context, on the strength of its market approach and a unique portfolio of solutions.

MG2 world: Process and Packaging Divisions and reference markets

MG2 production is organized in two divisions: Process and Packaging. The first is specialized in the design and manufacture of capsule fillers (machines suitable to dose powders, pellets and other pharmaceutical forms which can be distributed into hard shell capsules), as well as complementary production quality control machines, weight control systems, weighing/counting/sorting machines for tablets and capsules. In this field, MG2 is the manufacturer which boasts the widest range in world, being able to offer continuous or intermittent motion machines, featuring different production speeds, dosing options, control and containment systems. MG2's portfolio is completed by the offer of the Packaging Division, specialized in secondary packaging and end-of-line equipments: cartoners, case packers, forming/filling machines for boxes and trays, palletizers, plunger rod inserting machines and Track & Trace systems. MG2 works with the main world institutions of the pharmaceutical field: from "Big Pharma" to contract manufacturers, as well as small companies and R&D laboratories. MG2 can also meet the requirements of generic drugs manufacturers, which must handle huge production batches, offering them a range of suitable machines, with the highest performances as for speed and options for 24h productions, even without the supervision of operators. As for the markets, MG2 has a worldwide approach; more than 90% of its turnover comes from foreign countries, especially Europe, Canada, United States and India. At the same time, the Company follows with interest the evolution of emerging markets, such as the African area.

From dosage to weight control: certified state-of-art systems

MG2 machines are not only top of technology, but they are also complying to the main world regulations, and this is a key factor in a strongly regulated field such as the pharmaceutical's. Technologies such as capacitive sensors applied to qualitative control of production into capsules, which have been an MG2's exclusive for a long time, are patented and validated by organizations such as the US Food and Drugs Administration. Moreover, MG2 machines feature high-performance weight control systems, which are more and more requested by the pharmaceutical market. The Bolognese Company can provide different solutions: from statistical systems to MultiNETT, the most advanced system on the market, suitable to check in process the net weight of each capsule, thus enabling the automatic adjustment of machine parameters in order to obtain the best production quality.

MG2 can also offer a wide range of dosing systems; as well as traditional solutions based on dosators, MG2 capsule fillers can also be equipped with tamping pin systems or with specific units for low and micro dosages (very few milligrams) or for "progressive" dosages, where it is necessary to stop the dosing process when specific parameters are achieved. Last but not least, MG2 machines are designed and built keeping in mind their sustainability, as for packaging materials and energetic consumption.

Present and future technologies

Technological research is a leitmotiv for MG2, which invests on more and more advanced productive tools. Today, the Company can rely on automated work centres, for continuous production of light alloy parts, numerical control processing equipment and 3D printers for both production and rapid prototyping. The Company also features a fully automated warehouse, with a capacity of 2200 pallets, which performs on average 500 picking and filling operations per day, working in coordination with a LGV (laser guided vehicle) which moves components and materials. MG2 is developing its products to enable its customers to comply with the new continuous manufacturing methods, adopted by the most innovative pharmaceutical companies, aiming to replace the classic "batches" production, made by a sequence of activities, with an integrated and automated continuous cycle. Moreover, the Company will invest in setting up three pharmaceutical clean rooms: controlled atmosphere chambers which emulate the typical production environment, for machine and product testing. But in spite of the constant changes in technological evolution, what is not going to change is MG2 attention to the customer, in order to offer prompt answers to the most different enquiries, with an open-minded approach which is essential to study and develop new and innovative solutions.

Cooperation and flexibility as a driver for innovation

Flexibility, which has always marked MG2 design activities, allows the Company to co-design innovative projects with the customer, studying and carrying out original applications. To maintain its technological leadership, widening its know-how at the same time, the Company will strengthen the existing partnership with academic research laboratories and knowledge centres, very important drivers to innovation. Moreover, MG2 will reinforce its relations with Big Pharma companies, which are at the forefront of research, seeking for competence sharing. MG2 dimensions are ideal to move in such a highly technological environment, keeping a confidential relation with the customer. The Bolognese firm pursues a policy of cooperation with other manufacturing companies, with a network of collaboration to meet special requirements for other equipment, for instance to improve complete productive lines, in order to supply the best solution available

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