Package All Corporation: CR/SF closure

Closures are easy to use, have fully-compliant child-resistant features, and are available in a wide spectrum of colors.

Package All EZ-Safe
Package All EZ-Safe

Package All Corp. is featuring a new product of the month on its Web site. In March, for example, are Mold-Rite’s EZ-Safe™ child-resistant plastic caps, a new packaging resource for the OTC pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. These senior-friendly closures offer ease of use attributed to the distinctive ergonomic “ribs” positioned around the outer edge of each cap. Not only do they support an exceptional consumer experience, they also double as a potent visual tool for branding.

Mold-Rite uses recessed text and pictorial push-down-and-turn instructions to promote proper open and close technique for their EZ-Safe closures. Fully compliant child-resistant features are built-in without sacrificing the unique user experience that includes smple directions, child-resistance, and a comfortable grip.

EZ-Safe closures are available in 28-mm, 33-mm, 38-mm and 45-mm sizes with a 400-neck finish. These plastic caps are compatible with a range of bottles sizes and can be supplemented with a variety of liners in pressure-sensitive and heat-induction seals. As with all Mold-Rite products, EZ-Safe is available in a wide spectrum of colors designed to meet virtually all branding requirements.

Package All is featuring the EZ-Safe child-resistant closures on the home page of its Web site. Easy access to sample and quote requests through My Package All registration on the Web site is available. The site also sports an online product catalog with search options for bottles and closures.

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