"Coding for Compliance" Campaign Educates Pharmaceutical Professionals on Coding Demands of New Serialization Standards

Domino North America is launching an educational campaign to address the challenges and deadlines facing the pharmaceutical industry with the impending California E-Pedigree Law, which requires uniquely serialized products by January 2015.

New regulations will require pharmaceutical manufacturers to implement a system to fully track and trace prescription drugs throughout the supply chain in an effort to combat incidents where the product could be contaminated, diverted, counterfeited or otherwise. A large amount of planning, investment and change of process will be required for Pharmaceutical companies to comply with the standards. While much of this will fall within the IT infrastructure, these regulations will increase the demands placed on coding technologies used in the complete system.

With 20 years of experience in the industry, Domino's Pharmaceutical Business Development Manager Mark Shaffer is leading the “Coding for Compliance” initiative to educate pharmaceutical manufacturers on packaging serialization - something he's been doing with Domino's global clients for years. A major component to the campaign, Mark stresses, is the importance of preparation, "One of the biggest mistakes being made in implementing a serialization solution is dramatically underestimating the amount of time required. The time required to develop a scope, to evaluate solutions, to assess vendors/partners, to select, specify, test, implement and validate a solution. It seems the prevailing wisdom is that many could be missing the target by a factor of half." For additional information on Domino's “Coding for Compliance” campaign, please visit Mark Shaffer's blog.
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