SencorpWhite Donates Advanced Inventory Management System to University of Arkansas RFID Center

SencorpWhite, the leader in the design and manufacture of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS), has donated a MicroVert portable storage system to the RFID Research Center at the University of Arkansas, Sam M. Walton School of Business.

The system is being used as part of research and development efforts to optimize the supply chain through the implementation of advanced RFID to real-world applications. SencorpWhite is among the consortium of companies supporting the Research Center to advance RFID innovation, awareness of its benefits, and adoption across a wide spectrum of industries.

SencropWhite's MicroVert is a compact storage system integrated with Auto Identification technology (Auto-ID) - an RFID-based technology - for high-value supply and real-time inventory management at the point of use in healthcare applications, such as hospitals and clinics, and medical device/instrument, aerospace, and defense manufacturing, as well as vendor-managed inventory (VMI) for a range of industries. MicroVert leverages advanced Genesis inventory management software with wireless connectivity through a web-based portal to prevent out-of-stock situations, manage product expiration or recalls, and eliminate inventory shrinkage. The combination of security, accuracy, and portability found in SencorpWhite's MicroVert is pioneering high-value inventory protection and management.

The University of Arkansas' RFID Research Center is a leading RFID research and development center exploring its potential across many applications, including retail, supply chain, industrial engineering, and computer science. The center's flagship, on-site lab is modeled after a 10,000 square foot production warehouse and retail store environment, allowing university researchers to test and further develop RFID technology for a wide range of business cases.

“We are proud to be working so closely with the University of Arkansas' RFID Research Center to further the innovation of asset protection and management through advanced RFID and Auto-ID technology,” stated Brian Urban, President and CEO of SencorpWhite. “Our continuing close work with the Research Center, combined with our customer engagements, allows us to further develop the technology and use cases for an advanced supply chain with Auto-ID item tracking throughout the entire process.”

“SencorpWhite's donation helps support the Research Center in advancing RFID-based inventory management technology for a range of industries,” said David Cromhout, Co-Director at the University of Arkansas RFID Research Center. “The MicroVert, with its Auto-ID technology, is a welcome addition to the Center since it's the quintessential example of supply chain veracity and integrity unlike anything commonly seen in inventory control and protection.”
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