Aptar Pharma unveils its new website

One year after the realignment of its pharmaceutical business was announced, Aptar Pharma - the world leading supplier of innovative non-invasive drug delivery devices - launches its new website: www.aptar.com/pharma

It is primarily designed to make it even easier for customers and partners operating in the biotechnology, healthcare and pharmaceutical fields to identify and select the most appropriate spray, aerosol or dispensing systems to fit their needs.

A comprehensive product and service offering organized by market applications

The new Aptar Pharma website is split into two parts: one is dedicated to Consumer Health Care and the other one focuses on Prescription applications.

A product selection menu gives one-click access to our global portfolio of products and solutions. More specific selection gives one-click access to a particular application field or therapy, such as Nasal Decongestant or Asthma.

Using this functionality, a particular spray, aerosol or dispensing system can be easily and quickly chosen from our wide range of products according to the required end-use.

Our global portfolio of services is presented in a dedicated section. It provides a concise description of our offerings to help our customers and partners with customized solutions, technical and scientific support, formulation science, testing and analytical laboratories, regulatory support, elastomer development and filling and packaging, for research and development purposes.

Aptar Pharma provides free on-line access to its technical and scientific materials

Aptar Pharma provides direct links with key industry players including regulatory agencies, the academic world, service providers and industry sourcing providers that can be instrumental in drug development and registration.

A specific section of our website lists the large number of events we attend each year. It also provides a wide range of useful information that includes technical and scientific materials such as our conference speaker presentations as well as the extended content of our scientific posters that can be downloaded with free access from our website.

Aptar Pharma provides speakers for many events each year in more than fifteen different countries across the world. We also organize technical and scientific seminars in countries such as Brazil, China, India and in many countries of the E.U to share our views on drug delivery devices and present our latest innovations. We are the co-organizer of the leading scientific conference in Europe on nasal and pulmonary drug delivery.

The launch of the new web site represents a key milestone in the branding of Aptar Pharma

The realignment of our Pharma business was announced in April 2010. Since then we have successfully achieved our key branding objectives of introducing the new face of Aptar Pharma to our worldwide community and promoting a strong brand identity. The launch of the new website represents the cornerstone of our branding strategy. It allows us to associate our new name of Aptar Pharma with our well-established world-leading position in the field of innovative non-invasive drug delivery devices.

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