PDA Single Use Systems Workshop - Featuring the PDA Technical Report on Single Use Systems

June 22-23, 2011 | Hyatt Regency Bethesda | Bethesda, Maryland

“The success of Single Use Systems (SUS) is very much dependent on a variety of drivers that are specific to each organization's individual business model and situation. The approaches outlined in the PDA Technical Report for SUS will offer a flexible approach that can be customized for each organization.” “Single-Use Systems Workshop - A Must Attend Event.” April PDA Letter. By Christopher Smalley, Merck

The promise of Single-Use Systems (SUS) is cheaper, faster and more reliable, but equally important are achieving product quality, ensuring patient safety and meeting regulatory compliance.

At the PDA Single Use Systems Workshop the PDA Single Use Systems Task Force will show the consensus approach it has taken to identifying how to make SUS a reality through the use of the PDA Technical Report on Single Use Systems. The workshop will offer a different approach, presenting science and risk-based concepts which are flexible and can be applied in many different situations and organizations.

The Opening Plenary Session will set the stage for the workshop with presentations by the co-chairs of the Single Use System Task Force describing the Technical Report document concept, structure and key themes. The Technical Report was created keeping in mind the decision process for examining the business drivers, product considerations, logistical requirements and green manufacturing goals.

Additionally, this workshop offers participants a unique chance to have dialog with regulators, the SUS Taskforce, and the BPSA (Bio-process System Alliance). Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity!

Session topics presented at the workshop include:

Technical Report (TR) Overview
Section 6 Part 1 - Qualification
Section 6 Part 2 - Goals of Implementing Single Use Systems (SUS)
Section 5 - Business Drivers
Section 4 - Technologies and System Integration
Technology Showcase
Section 7 - Implementation
Regulatory Assessment of Single Use Systems
And more! - click here to view the full agenda!

Also Featuring a Hands-on Technology Showcase
The PDA Taskforce's close relationship with Bio-process System Alliance (BPSA) and SUS suppliers offers PDA a unique opportunity to host a Hands-On Technology showcase at the conference. At PDA's Technology Showcase participants will see hands on technology demonstrations for key SUS technologies; bioreactors, connectors, mixing, etc. These showcases will be unique where specific technologies are grouped and suppliers work together to present their technology, not products.

Don't miss out on the unique opportunity to discuss the viability of single-use systems for your company at the PDA Single Use Systems Workshop! Register today!
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