Takemoto Pallet Sharing Program

We introduce a new program, Pallet Sharing. We've offered many of Japanese products to sell at a case quantity.

A problem was a shipping fee. It easily costs you three to four hundreds dollars per case by courier services. We are offering seasonal shipments by consolidating multiple customers' orders and sharing a pallet between them. Products will be delivered at your door in the same manner that your freight forwarders serve you at the cost of the international postal service. The final price won't be fixed until two weeks before the shipment. The first shipment this year is planned on April 1st, 2011 and the deadline of orders is March 15th. Please ask more about this program as well as samples. It's time for you to get a sample for your orders now!!

Please email Atsko, atsko@takemotopkg.com, or call 212-488-2605, to request the samples and any questions.

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