InspX Announces Headquarter Move & Expansion

InspX LLC, a leading manufacturer of x-ray inspection systems, today announced its recent headquarter and manufacturing move into a new Fremont location.

The new headquarters increases the company's manufacturing and corporate space by thirty percent to better accommodate its existing customers and the company's expanding engineering initiatives.

"We are very pleased with the location convenience and added capacity at our new Fremont facility," said Allan Anderson, president of InspX LLC. "Being centrally located in Fremont in the heart of Silicon Valley allows us access to the bay area's top talent and the new larger facility is key to our upcoming plans for product and technology growth."

InspX's Fremont facility is conveniently located adjacent to San Francisco Bay equidistant to airports in Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco. InspX counts other innovative technology companies in Fremont as well as such recognizable new innovators in, Solyndra and Tesla. The new facility will allow InspX to expand its research and development for its state of the art x-ray inspection systems. The ScanTrac Digital X-Ray Inspection System line of products are versatile tools designed for use in a variety of food, beverage, and drug packaging applications. InspX's full range of x-ray inspection systems include high speed side view inspection for bottle and can inspection, belt systems for cartons and bulk products and pipeline systems for fluid inspection.

InspX LLC was formed in July 2004 as a new company by Peco Controls. InspX combines Peco's expertise in product inspection with development and application of x-ray technology. The company was formed to capitalize on a growing interest from food and pharmaceutical companies to implement processes that ensure the safety and integrity of consumer products and need the inside look that x-ray vision supplies. The company's ScanTrac Digital X-Ray Inspection System were created specifically for the food, beverage, and drug packaging industries.
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