Pharmaceutical Pavilion is Logical Starting Point for PACK EXPO's Pharmaceutical Attendees

"PACK EXPO is a great way to evaluate all the technology that's in the marketplace," says Mark Eisenhard, director of operations, Oliver-Tolas Healthcare Packaging.

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That search for technology and solutions will be more focused and efficient than ever when show producer PMMI introduces The Pharmaceutical Pavilion at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2011 (Sept. 26-28; Las Vegas Convention Center).

“The specialty area, will be a hub of pharmaceutical processing and packaging solutions providers. Located in the Central Hall, it will be easy to find and a clear starting point for attendees searching for solutions in the pharmaceutical arena,” says Chuck Yuska, president & CEO, PMMI.

Enthusiasm from Exhibitors and Attendees

“We've had great reaction to the Pharmaceutical Pavilion at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2011 come from attendees and exhibitors,” Yuska says, “And very healthy space sales to date.

Gail Oakley, sales coordinator for Korber-Medipak, says her firm is very excited about PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2011 — and about exhibiting in the Pharmaceutical Pavilion:
“We get very good customer feedback from PACK EXPO, so it's very important to be in the right spot and to be seen,” she says, noting the benefits of exhibiting in a pavilion. “People will go to an area of concentration. And when they do, they are more likely to come by and see you — even without an appointment.”

Customer-Centered PACK EXPO

The Pharmaceutical Pavilion illustrates an intensified level of customer service that PACK EXPO/PMMI calls “customer-centric.”

“A customer-centric approach means that we are looking at all aspects of the show down to the floor plan to make sure our attendees — and by extension our exhibitors — get the greatest possible return on the time and resources they invest in attending PACK EXPO,” Yuska says.

Pavilions are helping achieve that goal, because they give attendees focal points for their various needs.

Yuska adds, “PACK EXPO is dedicated to bringing processing and packaging solutions to attendees — and making it easy to get started on the show floor. The attendee who needs to design, package and brand a product can easily find the right solutions providers.”

Attendees will enjoy the benefits of several more PACK EXPO pavilions or “Zones,” including:

•The Brand Zone, featuring containers and materials to establish and/or maintain a brand, and draw attention to it at retail

•The Processing Zone, where processing solutions providers will be centered and

•The Confectionery Pavilion, sponsored by the National Confectioners' Association
“I find it important to attend every PACK EXPO show because it is an invaluable networking opportunity to meet new suppliers and learn about new machines and materials that we can invest in,” says Then T. Deng, Associate Director, Packaging Services, Pfizer.

For a show as expansive and comprehensive as PACK EXPO, the customer-centric approach and pavilions will make attending even more valuable.

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