NexKemia Announces the M Series Expandable Polystyrene Beads

NexKemia Petrochemicals Inc. is pleased to announce that its M series expandable polystyrene beads (all flame retardant formulations, regardless of pentane levels) have been qualified in accordance with section of the ICC-ES criteria for foam plastic insulation as per AC12 standards.

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The expandable polystyrene beads can now be used to produce expandable polystyrene products that comply with type I, II, VIII and IX (0.9, 1.35, 1.15 and 1.80 pounds per square feet minimum density respectively) of ASTM C 578-06 requirements. From now on each beads container will bear a label that will exhibit the evaluation report number: ESR-2949 "By reaching this important qualification NexKemia will be position to better serve and strengthen the business relationship with its customer base in the US," Maurice Barakat, CEO and president of NexKemia Petrochemicals, said.
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