Eastman Chemical, DD Studio announce design collaboration

At the Medical Design & Manufacturing West (MD&M West) trade show Feb. 9, Eastman Chemical Co. and DD Studio announced a collaboration to advance strategic, human-centric innovations for the medical market and unveiled a double-dose cup that showcases the breadth of design and processing possibilities of Eastman Tritan copolyester.

“As the medical marketplace increasingly values safe, durable, and reliable devices that make an emotional connection with users and recognizes design as a competitive advantage, it's grown more important for materials suppliers and designers to work together,” said Scott Hanson, global industry leader, medical market segment, Specialty Plastics Business, Eastman. “Through our collaboration, we can help designers who are creating state-of-the-art medical devices to bring them to market easier and faster, and also consider next-generation materials to solve industry issues.”

The double-dose cup designed by DD Studio using Eastman TritanTM copolyester is composed of individual pieces that create a functional medical cup when assembled. The attributes of toughness, clarity, and chemical resistance of the polyester make it suitable for the design and development of intricate, complex medical devices, while the design flexibility and ease of processing work for prototype development.

During creation of the double-dose cup prototype, DD Studio determined that the copolyester worked for cold swaging, a joining technique that offers unique possibilities to part designers and fabricators. The method involves bending and crimping a plastic part without heat to join two parts, which can save energy and avoid the use of chemicals, adhesives, and mechanical fasteners.

-Jim Butschli, Editor
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