Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Launches Fracture Program*

According to the journal Injury, 51 percent of all upper limb and 21 percent of all lower limb Emergency Department admissions in the United States are due to some type of fracture.

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta recently launched the Fracture Care Program, which offers a comprehensive approach to fracture care for all types of pediatric and adolescent fractures.

The Fracture Care Program is located within Children's Immediate Care Centers and the Children's at Egleston and Children's at Scottish Rite Emergency Departments, making the diagnosis and treatment of fractures, sprains and strains in children and teens more convenient for families. “This program offers coordinated care—from the initial evaluation in the emergency room or urgent care center to final follow-up and return to activities—for pediatric and adolescent patients with fractures,” said Michael Schmitz, M.D., Chief of Orthopaedics at Children's. “The goal is to have the patient receive the right care, in the right place, with the right physician, all in a coordinated and timely manner.”

The Children's Fracture Care program features a collaborative, child- and teen-friendly environment that covers both the physical and emotional aspects of treatment. Fellowship-trained pediatric orthopaedic surgeons provide access to the best possible medical care and offer clinical oversight so onsite caregivers have the timeliest medical advice available. Onsite digital radiography at all fracture care locations allows surgeons to view images and provide fracture oversight and care coordination from remote locations. Additionally, skilled pediatric physicians and specialists are available to take care of complex fractures requiring sedation services and/or surgery.

For more information, please visit Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.
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