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Peli BioThermal’s Paul Terry to present at SMI Cold Chain Distribution Conference Dec. 13 and 14.

Paul Terry, Peli BioThermal’s Director of Sales EMEA, will be a key speaker at the SMI Cold Chain Distribution Conference in London Dec.13 and 14. He will address delegates on “Navigating A Portfolio Approach to Passive Thermal Packaging Choices.”

Also at the two-day conference, Peli BioThermal will exhibit its supply chain services and parcel shipper products, including:

• Chronos™ Advance and Chronos™ Express, a range of high performance single-use shipping systems, utilizing advanced insulation and phase-change materials

• Crēdo™ Cube reusable thermal shipper that protects payload contents at defined temperatures

“I am delighted to be a guest speaker at this leading industry event where Peli BioThermal will also be showcasing its latest shipper systems, says Terry. “With the rise in temperature-sensitive products entering the supply chain it is vital to ensure companies are well informed about selecting the most appropriate, reliable and regulatory-compliant systems for global transportations.”

SMI Cold Chain Distribution 2017 will examine how to keep costs low and quality high while remaining compliant to global regulations. The conference will focus on GPS temperature monitoring, temperature data management and GDP regulatory requirements.

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