TEAM-UP to Address Greater Pharma-Logistics Integration

Founder says the pharmaceutical-logistics sector faces an uncertain future unless it abandons its traditional silo thinking in favor of a more collaborative approach.

TEAM-UP Founder Alan Kennedy speaks about the new pharma-logistics initiative at the 2016 AirPharma Conference in Brussels.

A radical pharma-logistics collaboration initiative was announced at IATA (International Air Transport Assn.) AirPharma 2016, held in Brussels, Belgium Oct. 11-12.

Called TEAM-UP, this pharma-logistics initiative is designed toinspire themutual understanding, common procedures and universal climate of trust that are a prerequisite for the creation of sustainable, fully-integrated supply chains.

Speaking at the conference, TEAM-UP Founder Alan Kennedy stressed the urgent need for greater integration of the pharma-logistics supply chain: “With the huge challenges it is facing, the pharmaceutical logistics sector faces a very uncertain future unless it is prepared to abandon its traditional silo thinking and practices in favor of a more collaborative approach. The advent of the TEAM-UP integration framework will help accelerate the changes needed and open the doors to faster, more equitable, more systematic supply chain integration. There is no longer any excuse for inertia.”

Modeled around provensupply chain models from other sectors, TEAM-UP was conceived as a hands-on, interactive community with all corporate participants committed to following agreed collaborative principles, all committed to a program of continuous collaborative improvement and all having access to a shared repository of collaborative tools, templates and advice.

Bycreating thenecessary environment,and providing the leadership needed, to make true win-win integrationa practical reality, TEAM-UP will contribute to improved corporate efficiencies,better overall sector performance and to enhancedpatient/user safety.

TEAM-UP is an independent best-practice body. It is not financed by, nor does it represent the interests ofany vested-interest or third-party group. It is being established as a legally constituted not-for-profit organization run by, and for, the sole benefit of its participants. This is its guarantee that it represents the interests of all pharma-logistics stakeholders.

The TEAM-UP program is scheduled to go live in January 2017 but interested parties are invited to find out more now by downloading the TEAM-UP Prospectus from its website.

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