AHRMM19 Conference Coming to San Diego in Late July

San Diego, CA, hosts this year’s AHRMM19 with talks and interactive discussions on how to improve client experience through supply chain strategy, and quality and affordability of care.

AHRMM19 is coming to the San Diego Convention Center, CA, Jul. 29 to 30, where keynotes, Learning Labs, and an exhibit hall showcase with product presentations will discuss advancements in supply chain strategy and effective management of the quality and affordability of care.

  • Each 60-minute AHRMM Talks time slot will hold three 15-minute talks introducing hot topics, innovative technology, or best practices.
  • Poster Sessions will combine text and graphics to deliver the latest healthcare supply chain projects and solutions followed by discussion to gather practical takeaways to apply at your organization.
  • Interactive Roundtable Sessions will be in-depth discussions among small groups of attendees interested in the same subject. Each session will have up to 25 attendees and one facilitator.

You can register here and visit the Additional Events Page of the online registration form for sessions that are not complimentary with registration.

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