GS1 Launches Global Data Synchronization Network Update

Provides speed, efficiency and information flexibility to nearly 40,000 organizations worldwide that rely on GDSN.

GS1, the global standards organization, announced the global launch of GDSN Major Release 3, an update to the Global Data Synchronization NetworkTM (GDSN®) standard.

The launch brings a new level of speed, efficiency and information-sharing flexibility to the nearly 40,000 organizations worldwide that rely on GDSN to automatically share trusted product data with their business partners.

With enhancements like richer product information sharing, industry-specific functionality and better regulatory compliance features, the release of GDSN Major Release 3 empowers organizations to respond to new and emerging marketplace demands.

GDSN is a networked product data sharing system that is managed by the GDSN standard. It contains more than 20 million products. This standard ensures accuracy for information such as pricing or product data, exchanged among networked trading partners. Any change made to one company's database is immediately shared with the other partners.

The GDSN Major Release 3 includes upwards of 1,500 improvements, including support for new product attributes and the consistent sharing of imagery that corresponds with those products. GDSN Major Release 3 will allow application developers to have the most up-to-date trusted data to deliver a better shopping experience; hospitals will gain flexibility to quickly respond to market needs; and improved data sharing will enable retailers and brand owners to track products globally.

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