Octapharma adds track-and-trace serialization aggregation

Developer, producer, and seller of human proteins requires a flexible and validated system for marking, identifying, and tracking its products.

Octapharma, one of the largest independent manufacturers of human protein products worldwide, has added the PAS-X Track & Trace Serialization Aggregation to Werum's PAS-X at their production site in Vienna.

Octapharma has been committed to patient care and medical innovation for more than 30 years. Its core business is the development, production, and sale of human proteins from human plasma and human cell lines. Patients in more than 100 countries are treated with products in the areas of haematology, immunotherapy, and critical care. Octapharma owns five state-of-the-art production facilities in Austria, France, Germany, Sweden, and Mexico.

Octapharma employs strict in-process quality control systems to ensure traceability, providing the complete documentation of the origin of all plasma donations, their processing and distribution to countries worldwide. The company requires a flexible and stringently validated system for marking, identifying, and tracking their products.

In a first step, PAS-X Track & Trace will be operated in the packaging area for the Chinese market. The serialization data provided by the Chinese authorities are loaded and the used data are reported back. PAS-X Track & Trace is interfaced to the existing PAS-X and exchanges order and stock data with the Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

The intention is to install Werum's PAS-X Track & Trace at further packaging lines for different target countries in the Vienna site (shown in photo).

Werum is part of Medipak Systems, the Pharma Systems business area of the international Körber technology group. As a Medipak Systems company, Werum provides integrated IT productss for all phases of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production, including process development, commercial production, and packaging, as well as track-and-trace serialization.

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