New GS1 US Resource Helps Small Businesses Grow and Compete Online with Enhanced Product Information

GS1 US Certified Content Providers to Aid with Product Data Set-Up and Marketing to Maximize Exposure

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GS1 US® has launched a new resource to help small businesses create and manage complete and accurate digital listing product content. The GS1 US Certified Content Provider program offers small business owners access to solution providers with proven expertise in sourcing consumer-facing data in accordance with GS1 Standards.

Developed in collaboration with sgsco, the founding certified content provider, the program addresses key challenges small brand owners face in today’s ultra-competitive digital marketplace. According to a survey conducted by GS1 US and Retail Systems Research in September 2016, 75 percent of companies are currently using an average of five systems to manage product content—with email used most predominantly. By working with a certified content provider, brands gain access to digital content, image and video asset creation. Additionally, they can more efficiently prepare their products for sale, increase visibility among new retailer partners, and store content in systems that connect more easily with trading partner systems, eliminating management of multiple processes and spreadsheets. Certified content providers also lend expertise in packaging law compliance and digital marketing, helping small businesses invest in opportunities for future growth.

“The Certified Content Provider program will help small businesses take the guesswork out of product content set-up and marketing,” said Melanie Nuce, vice president of corporate development, GS1 US. “By knowing which content providers are reputable, small businesses will be sure they are providing accurate data that will help them curate and contextualize products for their customers.”

Certified content providers work with brand owners to validate their product data in GS1 US Data Hub®, an online tool used by member companies to create and manage barcodes and product data, including the Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN®), and share them with trading partners. Additionally, they correct misinformation about the product and augment it with a minimum required set of attributes, including brand name, net weight, and product category. Through this process, the exchange of content between trading partners is simplified and quality of consumer-facing data is enhanced. Approximately 17,000 new GTINs are created each day via GS1 US Data Hub, making it a robust source of product data leveraged by leading retailers and e-commerce marketplaces.

Certification for this program will begin in September 2017 and will require membership in the GS1 US Solution Partner Program, a broader certification program for companies delivering services and solutions based on GS1 Standards. Additionally, a GS1 US Data Hub API subscription is required by the partner to receive attributes and image data. Each certifying company must also employ at least one individual who has passed an exam process that measures core knowledge of GS1 Standards.

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