CompleteRx Partners with Omnicell to Support the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Office of Pharmacy Services

Partnership to Help Reduce Costs, Optimize Workflow, and Improve Outcomes Across State Facilities

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Omnicell, Inc. (NASDAQ: OMCL) today announced a new partnership with CompleteRx, a leading pharmacy management company, to provide a comprehensive medication distribution and management solution to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Office of Pharmacy Services (SOPS). The agreement includes both central pharmacy technology and the Company's XT Series Automated Dispensing Cabinets. This partnership aims to improve inventory management, increase workflow efficiency, and reduce medication errors in 49 different facilities across all of SOPS' departments.

CompleteRx has nearly 20 years of experience in pharmacy management and consulting services, along with tenured expertise in pharmacy leadership addressing areas such as revenue and cost, quality and safety, operations, and technology integrations. CompleteRx and SOPS together identified an opportunity to improve the pharmacy operation's medication dispensing process using updated automated dispensing technology and inventory management software.

The partnership with Omnicell develops a medication distribution model that centers on Omnicell's Central Pharmacy Manager software, which enhances perpetual inventory management, narcotic inventory control, and documentation. Omnicell Central Pharmacy Manager integrates with carousels to automate operations of SOPS' pharmacy distribution center, and with XT Automated Dispensing Cabinets to automate medication control at patient care sites. This center serves all 49 SOPS-managed facilities, including mental health, developmental services, public health, corrections, jails, and soldiers' homes. With Omnicell's integrated solution, CompleteRx looks to benefit from a reduction in dispensing errors, lower inventory costs, and improved medication availability.

The project is due to be implemented through a staged process, during the balance of 2017. CompleteRx plans to deploy the model developed in Massachusetts at its other customer locations.

"As part of our commitment to deliver the highest patient care to our clients, we are truly pleased to be working with Omnicell to enhance medication safety and drive operational efficiencies," said Terry Andrus, chief executive officer of CompleteRx. "Omnicell was our preferred partner on this project due to its comprehensive product portfolio of automated dispensing cabinets, carousel and barcode scanning technologies. These improvements will help deliver an efficient inventory management system for The State Office of Pharmacy Services for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, helping to reduce instances of dispensing errors and ensuring patients receive quality care."

"We are excited to work with CompleteRx to help improve medication distribution and management for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts," said Rob Seim, president, Global Automation and Medication Adherence at Omnicell. "Partnering with CompleteRx on a project of this scope demonstrates how incorporating Omnicell's broad portfolio of solutions can positively impact a health system on many levels, enabling cost reduction while improving safety and workflow efficiencies."

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