Can Exercise Trigger a Heart Attack?

The ultra-fit host of ‘Biggest Loser’ suffered a heart attack while working out, but does exercise actually increase your risk of heart attack?

Heart Attach Symptoms / Image: American Heart Association
Heart Attach Symptoms / Image: American Heart Association

‘Biggest Loser’ host Bob Harper is a model citizen when it comes to health; he even preaches healthy eating habits and routine exercise on television to the Today audience. But when Bob suffered a heart attack last month, even he was shocked. In response to the unfortunate incident, Today featured an article aimed an answering the question “Does exercise cause heart attacks?”

The short answer is no. Exercise does not increase your risk of experiencing a heart attack, or dying from one. Only 5% of sudden heart attacks in 35-to-65-year-olds occur during sports activity. But the article notes that working out places temporary stress on your body and it’s important to know your body's limitation If you have questions, consult a physician about what workouts you can and cannot do in your current condition. As for Bob, his heart attack was traced back to his family history; his mother died early from a heart attack, which increased his risk. The bottom line is that there are plenty of excuses to skip the gym, but risking a heart attack is not one of them.

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