Crowdsourcing Website Expedites Diagnoses is a diverse network of people devoted to helping patients determine their unique medical conditions. / Photo: Getty Images / Photo: Getty Images

We’ve all googled symptoms in hopes of solving our health conundrums. WebMD set the stage for hypochondriacs to go down diagnosis rabbit holes, but another website has taken it to the next level. A March 6th NBC News article highlighted, a website that launched in 2013 to help patients get closer to finding the right diagnosis. aims to decrease the time to diagnose an illness by enlisting “detectives” who are ranked according to verifiable medical credentials, ranging from physicians to acupuncturists to patients who have become experts on their own unique condition.

Patients can log onto the site, describe their condition, and even upload their medical records (minus personal information). The detectives then work together with the patient, sharing information and collaborating to determine what is going on. That information can be shared with the patient’s primary physician to hopefully expedite diagnosis process.

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