Systech Continues Global Expansion With Move Into India

To further support its entry, Systech will convene its next Uniquity Global Conference in Mumbai on October 6, 2016, featuring a roster of prominent guest speakers.

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To further support its entry, Systech will convene its next Uniquity
Global Conference in Mumbai on October 6, 2016, featuring a roster of
prominent guest speakers. The focus of Uniquity India will be on global
serialization regulations affecting the pharmaceutical industry and how
effective technologies will be necessary to meet a wide range of
compliance requirements. Attendance at this exclusive event is by
invitation only, with confirmation to selected qualified representatives.

Robert DeJean, CEO of Systech International, states, "With the incredible
opportunity to service the pharmaceutical industry comes the demand for
globally-compliant solutions that meet the vast array of complex
regulations that continue to evolve. As a result, there's a need for
solutions that are comprehensive, versatile, and cost-effective.
Systech's industry-leading serialization and track-and-trace offerings
have been proven for more than 30 years as the best solutions to meet
this need."

Pharmaceutical manufacturers in India supply a high volume of superior
quality medicines to every market in the world, and the nation's
pharmaceutical export segment has more than doubled from $7.8 billion in
2008 to $16.5 billion in 2014, according to the Indian Ministry of
Commerce and Industry. In 2016, sales are expected to increase by nearly
84% to $26.1 billion with generic drugs dominating, accounting for nearly
70% of the market. Furthermore, over 55% of exports from India are to
highly regulated markets whose governments have enacted stringent
serialization and tracing regulations.

"The problem is that no two of these regulations are the same, and
therefore Indian exporters must not only comply with all the individual
mandates, but also keep abreast of a rapidly-changing regulatory
landscape," notes Dr. Avi Chaudhuri, who is spearheading Systech's India
expansion. "Our core commitments to the industry are that we provide a
comprehensive set of solutions and ensure full compliance against any and
all new regulations that come into force."

Systech International offers a full suite of software applications to
manage these complex requirements, allowing serialization mandates to be
met anywhere in the world -- including the export serialization
requirements of the Indian Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT).
Systech is already seeing significant demand for its solutions as Indian
pharmaceutical companies rush toward complying with the looming deadlines
for key regulations such as the US DSCSA, EU FMD, and others.

According to Harry Saint-Preux, Director, Global Alliances & Channels,
"Systech is the only provider in the world that offers a complete palette
of solutions encompassing serialization, aggregation, reporting, rework,
and enterprise traceability. Companies that implement Systech's stack
obtain a unified solution to cover the entirety of pharmaceutical
requirements. This unique capability increases the value we bring to our

The demand for Systech's services in India is also due to the versatility
of its offerings. By being hardware-agnostic, Systech can collaborate
with a multitude of local vendors and integrators who have served the
Indian market with distinction. Many pharmaceutical companies have
already made significant investments in line-level hardware. Systech can
work with such existing setups to preserve those past investments, and
therefore deploy only the subset of its highly configurable solutions
that would be needed to complete the task toward DSCSA or other
regulatory compliance. This in turn makes for a highly economical
offering to its prospective clients.

The combination of advantages offered by Systech also makes it
particularly attractive to contract manufacturers and packagers.
Mid-market companies that offer services to other drug manufacturers must
develop and follow a program of adding multiple serialization-related
capabilities to all of their packaging lines within the next 15 months,
or risk losing their business to competitors who are DSCSA-compliant.
Systech's product suite is extremely attractive to the Indian SME sector
because it is designed to work with a wide array of packaging and
labeling equipment to ensure cost containment.

In addition to its serialization and traceability solutions, Systech is
also introducing its highly acclaimed, award-winning brand protection
technology, UniSecure(TM). Pharmaceutical and consumer brands are major
targets of counterfeiters in Asian markets. UniSecure offers a
revolutionary approach to global brand protection due to its immunity
from many of the problems that affect other anti-counterfeiting
solutions. As an example, UniSecure does not require brand owners to fit
any printers on the packaging line, or to make major investments for
variable coding.

According to Chaudhuri, "The biggest benefit to UniSecure is its
non-additive and non-intrusive technology, instead using an existing
overt mark already produced during packaging - such as a linear barcode -
to create a unique covert identifier. The UniSecure technology does not
require addition of any print matter on a package, and yet it can be used
with serialized barcodes to create a highly robust solution that simply
cannot be copied or reverse-engineered. In effect, it serializes a
non-serialized product and, in doing so, averts all of the security
issues that have been problematic with use of mass serialization purely
for brand protection."

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