PCI Clinical Services: Portal Webflow Enhancements

Its customer Support Portal Webflow enables more efficient and effective clinical supply chain management.

PCI Clinical Services has enhanced the functionality of its proprietary client services online portal Webflow™ across all PCI Clinical Services sites in Europe and North America.

Web and mobile-based technology continues to drive change in the way companies manage their clinical trials with the availability of real-time information, paramount to a successful outcome of the project.

PCI’s Webflow system is a proprietary and bespoke client access portal, providing real-time access to specific projects 24/7 and allowing clients to configure information to the specific needs of their global trials.

Information already available includes up-to-the-minute inventory levels, pending and outbound order information, as well as the ability to track inventory and shipments across PCI’s global partner depot network.

Accounts can be tailored to suit each company and project, with client access supported from one single client log-in with visibility across all PCI Clinical sites.

This latest functionality will allow customers to prepare and schedule inventory and order reports and have them emailed directly at specific times/dates, allowing a regular flow of information to ensure a more accurate overview of their project at all times. This function can be accessed and set up by the client or alternatively can form part of the project set-up provided by PCI.

Webflow™ also acts as a central repository for project documents, allowing easy access and information sharing of all required parties throughout the trial, streamlining approval processes and enabling efficiencies in clinical trial execution.