Booming Demand for Logistics Packaging in China

Damage prevention, climate stresses and burglary put pressure on effective logistics packaging to prevent product losses.

ATKearney’s “China 2015: Transportation and Logistics Strategies” report says, “The transportation and logistics industry in China is poised for major growth over the next five years.”

The report notes, “China’s transportation and logistics industry remains in the early stages of development. Fragmentation and intense competition highlight a market in which competitors offer similar and limited services.”

Cost pressures will continue to rise, says the ATKearney report, with “profound changes ahead.”

The significance of logistics to the future of the Chinese economy is apparent in the creation of a new logistics packaging zone planned for Sino-Pack/PACKINNO 2017. According to, “China is one of the global leaders in logistics packaging. Her sales revenue of logistics packaging in 2015 has grown for more than 38% compared to 2014's, illustrating the booming demand for Chinese logistics packaging market.”

Show organizers note, “Effective logistics packaging can prevent not only damages and losses during transport, but also burglary.” They point to product damage during the transportation process that could come from vibration, impact, puncturing and crushing. Climate stresses that have potential to damage products in transit and increase logistics costs can stem from temperature changes, humidity and other external factors. “Good control of temperature is essential during the storage and transportation processes. Professional and effective logistics packaging can prevent the above from happening.

The ChinaSinoPack release cites a survey conducted by logistics industry professionals that shows 47.5% of damaged goods are due to improper packing.

Fortunately, there are experts in the logistics field that offer helpful tips for proper packing; UPS offers online packing instructions that illustrate how to stack a pallet and how to label a shipment.

If you’re looking for further insights into China’s packaging market, visit ChinaProPack China 2017, scheduled for July 13-15 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. With over 17,000 buyers in attendance at this year’s show, the annual event focuses on processing and packaging for multiple industries in China.