MG2: Pharma Line Serialization

Company completes line integration for a multinational company by supplying equipment for secondary packaging and a serialization system.

MG2 coordinated a project aimed at the implementation of a packaging line for a morphine-based highly active pain relief product. The project required care during the design, integration and assembly of the machines.

This is the second line ordered in the last few months by the same customer, an American pharmaceutical multinational company. The line, which was set up at an MG2 facility in Pian di Macina for FAT purposes, required flexibility in the design of the different machines making it up and it covers all the packaging phases up to the end of line.

At the beginning of the line, processed bottles in five different sizes (from 50mL to 240 mL) are placed into cartons of different sizes together with the necessary components such as syringes, caps or droppers. At a second stage, the information leaflet is inserted into the carton, with or without instructions.

Besides MG2, the partners involved in the project are Cariba for packing into cartons and Optel for integrated in-line vision systems.

The line includes an MG2 ACE CT/400 track-and-trace system for cartons that precisely prints codes. Although this particular ACE is set up to work at low speeds, it is capable of reaching speeds up to 400 pieces/min.

The line also includes an MG2 GSL 10 horizontal case packer equipped with Optel’s serialization system produced by Optel.