Adents: Serialization Software

Adents, LMN Services and Clarke Engineering Services will help customers comply with the 2017 DSCSA deadline, and increase their safety and security implementation capabilities.

LMN Services, a customer service company focused on the pharmaceutical industry, and Clarke Engineering Services, a manufacturing and packaging services technology firm, have partnered with Adents, a provider of serialization and track-and-trace software solutions, to offer their customers advanced safety and security software implementation options.

Designed to achieve compliance, minimize counterfeiting or enrich marketing, Adents unit identification and traceability software is flexible, scalable and quickly deployable as it does not require add-on hardware. This “standardized software” approach to serialization also allows companies to accelerate their pathways to compliance, keep abreast of consumer safety, innovate with new communication channels and gain valuable market insight.

LMN Services offers a complete suite of expert level automation services—serialization, validation documentation, project management, and control systems. The company partners with several multi-national pharmaceutical customers, managing and executing serialization programs and automation projects.

Clarke Engineering Services’ methodology delivers best of breed processes and technologies for serialization, machine vision, FDA verification & validation, and operations & change management support.

Adents’ Pharma Suite Solution and global track-and-trace experience will enable customers to comply with the approaching 2017 DSCSA deadline, increase their safety and security implementation capabilities.

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