ROC IT Solutions: Serialization software

A Print, Apply, and Verify module offers low-cost serialization and fast implementation in pharmaceutical packing operations.

ROC IT Solutions' Print, Apply, and Verifymodule for serialized label printing and management. Part of the ROC IT EdgeTRAC™ software suite, thePrint, Apply, and Verifymodule is a lightweight mobile solution that deploys quickly, using a laptop computer, handheld scanners, and mobile printers.

Fitting easily into any manual packing operation, thePrint, Apply, and Verifymodule is ideal for repackagers and low-volume manufacturers as well as high-volume manufacturers who need to quickly serialize a subset of their product line for export to South Korea, China, Brazil, and other countries to meet fast-approaching serialization deadlines.

The mobile solution can be used in multiple areas within a company or facility. ThePrint, Apply, and Verifymodule enables manufacturers and repackagers to meet immediate serialization requirements around the globe and supports DQSA compliance. Using thePrint, Apply, and Verifymodule on a smart handheld device (Motorola, Intermec, etc.), workers scan or enter a product ID for items to be labeled. They select GTIN, lot and expiry, and print-serialized 2D matrix barcode labels containing these standard GS1 identifiers. The module supports any kind of tag format using handheld printers and ZPL templates (Zebra or other manufacturer). After workers apply the labels and verify them with a scan from the handheld device, the ROC IT EdgeTRAC software updates all backend systems with the commissioned serial number hierarchy data.

The module is based on GS1 standards and integrates with any EPCIS-based serial number management system. Users can also generate standard reports for tag status (printed, verified, not verified, decommissioned) and export to PDF or CSV format.