Schubert-Pharma: Serialization services

GMP-/FDA-compliant line concepts are available for all process steps, from acceptance of the primary package to ready-to-ship pallets.

Schubert-Pharma offers a range of serialization services for the pharmaceutical industry.

The VMS packaging machine control system from Schubert integrates all the functions of a serialized pharmaceutical final packaging process, from acceptance of the products to placement of finished products on the pallet. All automation components, such as robots, scanners, cameras, and printers communicate with the VMS.

The TLM-technology from Schubert, coupled with the Transmodul transportation vehicle, provides a system component with special advantages for track and trace. A single-axis, rail-based robot, the Transmodul can self-localize at all times, meaning that it is capable of 100% position control. As a result, products and packaging that the Transmodul conveys through the entire line are always positively controlled and in a defined position within the system.

TLM technology and its system components are continually being developed. Schubert offers a TLM packaging machine without an electrical cabinet. The machine also features an integrated 3D scanner, a new development from Schubert. The Schubert 3D scanner is making spatial vision for packaging robots a reality. The height profile provided by the scanner depicts the three-dimensional form of the product to be packaged. This innovation also opens up possibilities for product quality control.