Kenco Staff Presenting at WERC and EWTS Logistics Conferences

Topics include maximizing 3PL partnerships, JIT in the warehouse, building a better DC and how businesses can use wearables today.

The upcoming Warehouse Education and Research Council (WERC) annual conference will feature several experts from third-party logistics provider Kenco discussing a range of topics on the latest practices in warehousing and logistics.

This year’s WERC conference, which starts May 15 in Providence, Rhode Island—includes:

• Ann Christopher, VP and Corporate Counsel for Kenco, facilitating a peer-to-peer discussion on regulatory challenges impacting the logistics industry

• Greg Boring, VP, Sales, leading a peer-to-peer discussion on “How to Maximize a 3PL Partnership”

• Jason Minghini, VP, Best Practices, will be involved in three sessions—speaking on “Applying Just-in-Time to the Warehouse,” presenting on “Data Analytics to Support Metrics” and hosting a peer discussion on how to build a better manufacturing distribution center.

Kenco is also participating in a technology conference this spring. Kristi Montgomery, VP, Kenco Innovation Labs, and Trever Ehrlich, Creative Solutions Manager, will be among the speakers at the Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit (EWTS) East in June in Atlanta. They will be on panels discussing “Cultural and Organization Considerations for Wearable Technology” and “How Businesses Can Use Wearables Today.”



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