Holographyx Anti-counterfeiting System Awarded Patents in U.S. and Europe

Uses conventional heat-seal blister packaging equipment to apply holograms to the back of pharmaceutical blister packs


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Holographyx has been granted a U.S. patent for its Holo-Blister® product, along with a European patent for the development of this unique and cost-effective method to apply holograms to the back of blister packs using conventional heat-seal blister packaging equipment. Holo-Blister holograms have been designed so they will only be visible behind each pill/capsule cavity on the back of each blister pack, thereby allowing the printing of dosage and marketing information on the area surrounding the pill/capsule recess.

The size of the worldwide market for counterfeit pharmaceuticals has been estimated to be as much as $200 billion annually. Although anti-counterfeiting measures, such as track and trace, can be used to distinguish legitimate pharmaceutical products from counterfeits, these systems require consumers to go on-line to validate each of their pharmaceutical purchases. Blister packaging utilizing Holo-Blister provides consumers with the ability to visually validate the authenticity of their purchases instantly with the use of custom holograms that, prior to the development of Holo-Blister, would be extremely difficult to manufacture and apply.

Holographyx has been working with the Hazen Paper Company in cooperation with Uhlmann Packaging on the development, testing, and introduction of Holo-Blister.

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