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2023 Annual Package Design Gallery

Each year, Healthcare Packaging evaluates an array of over-the-counter product packaging designs, assessing the pros and cons from a user perspective.

Wonderbelly Packaging Design

Wonderbelly Antacid Chewable Heartburn Relief Tablets (Ginger Health Company)


  • Metal canister with screw-top lid features retro font and graphics in matte pastels printed directly on the can.
  • Colorful containers match updated flavors among established calcium carbonate offerings: watermelon mint, fruity cereal, strawberry milkshake, and lemon sorbet.
  • Recycling symbol—stream presumably aluminum—is on the can itself and the tamper evidence sticker. [Editor's note: These gallery notes highlight which packages signify to be recycle-readiness, though not every municipality can accommodate recycling in practice.]
  • The label makes use of clear print and graphics to convey that the product does not contain talc, dyes, or artificial sweeteners.


  • The tamper-evidence sticker left silver residue over two of the graphics—we were able to rub the residue away and see the plastic-free and recycle symbol under (importantly, the Drug Facts remained clear)


Preparation H Package DesignPreparation H Soothing Relief Spray (Haleon)


  • No-touch spray offers targeted application in a portable aerosol container.
  • Clear tamper-evidence sleeve peels off to reveal a cap-free design with easy-to-press nozzle.
  • The sturdy top twists left or right with a double-click to open or close the spray, respectively, allowing for portability without a cap.
  • Blue bottle with misty graphics conveys cooling.


  • There are no instructions visible on the bottle itself to operate the twist top, however there is an arrow symbol on the cap itself.

 Allegra Hives Package Design

Allegra Hives Non-Drowsy 24HR Hive Reduction & Itch Relief (Sanofi Consumer Healthcare)


  • For transparency, the front panel features a window to the bottle and actual size image of the tablet.
  • The recycle-ready HDPE bottle features a purple child-resistant cap that is relatively easy to open and a dual-layer label which peeled effortlessly.
  • Eye-catching and clean front panel design let the user know this product both reduces hives and relieves associated itching.


  • While the carton is nearly double the width of the bottle it houses, this is presumably to be able to include Drug Facts on the carton. The carton features a recycling symbol on the bottom but it’s not clear whether the user would need to remove the window material first.
  • The on-bottle directions are small, and are hard to find amid a lot of text.

Aveeno Package Design

Aveeno Eczema Therapy Rescue Relief Treatment Gel Cream (J&J Consumer Inc.)


  • The wide dispenser on the pump is visible through a translucent cap.
  • A soft color palette offers a calming appearance in a portable size.
  • While the package itself is not recycle-ready, the use of a How2Recycle symbol to prevent consumers from wish-cycling is appreciated.


  • The dual-layer label on the bottle maximizes space for Drug Facts and warnings. When we peeled it back, some ink from the top layer remained on the bottom layer’s QR code, however, it did not prevent the phone from picking up the QR code properly.
Nasonex 1Nasonex 24HR Allergy Nasal Spray (Perrigo)


  • A thermoform tray with paper backing (that wraps around the front) allows for a clear view of the spray bottle and attractive blue cap.
  • Number of sprays and symptoms addressed are clearly noted on the front panel.
  • With three different components, the How2Recycle symbol clears up confusion by letting users know how to dispose of each component.
  • A thin, paper instruction leaflet is attached to the inside of the tray. Instructions A,B, and C are clear and concise with diagrams and sub-steps.


  • As with Allegra Hives medication, consumers may question the size of the thermoform tray, with so much airspace compared to the bottle itself (again, likely due to Drug Facts and loss prevention).

Unisom Package DesignUnisom Simple Slumbers Return-To-Sleep Mint Strips (Chattem, Inc.)


  • Quick dissolving strips offer a unique delivery mechanism among established sleep tablets and gummies.
  • The carded blister packaging with hang tab lets the user see the small container, which is slim for portability.
  • The strips are accessed via a door on the white plastic container—in the test, t was easy to open and remove a single strip with a fingertip.
  • Front panel is colorful and informative on the “return to sleep” claim, while still featuring whitespace and nighttime graphics.


  • Serving size/dosing are clearly stated, but we wonder if the other suggested usage notes, such as the warning not to drive, be organized in a more readable way.
  • We also noticed that the bottom edge of the white plastic is slightly jagged (but not sharp to the touch).  

new skin bandage package designNew-Skin Kids' Sting-Free Liquid Bandage Paint – Purple (Advantice Health, LLC.)


  • Paperboard carton with hang tab features kid-friendly font and active graphics.
  • The glass bottle fits snugly in the carton, which also shows the brush and paint color.
  • Backing touts “100 fewer bandages in landfill” and clear bulleted instructions on back.

  • The checklist of facts on the back is helpful, but appears in the same kid-friendly font that may be difficult to read at the smaller size.
  • The addition of disposal instructions may’ve helped close the loop on environmental claims. Presumably the system is recycle-ready in the paper and glass streams.     

Gainful Package DesignGainful Performance Nutrition Supplements


  • Supplement system is designed for customization by choosing an unflavored protein base and adding a flavor powder and goal boost powder (right) for muscle building, recovery, and more.
  • Hydration Drink Mix (left) is a paperboard tube housing 10 sachets for portability.
  • Recycle-ready matte paperboard tubes feature minimal graphics and stand out with whitespace and easy-to-read use instructions for mixing on the tubes and sachets.
  • Tubes housing loose powder contain a recycle-ready metal inner lid that fits snugly.

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