Noble International and Owen Mumford Collaborating on Patient Training Solutions

Noble will develop and provide training programs and materials to support and educate patients on Owen Mumford injection devices, with the aim of improving therapy adherence and patient confidence.

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Mumford Unisafe

Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services, a division of Owen Mumford, which specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of injectable drug delivery systems for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and generics industries, is collaborating with Noble International, an Aptar Pharma company and world leader in providing drug delivery training device programs for pharmaceutical companies and original equipment manufacturers.

Through the agreement, Noble will develop patient-focused training devices for Owen Mumford’s safety syringe platform UniSafe. Noble also will develop and provide comprehensive training programs and materials to support and educate patients on Owen Mumford’s injection devices, with the aim of improving therapy adherence and patient confidence.  

Recent studies show one-third of patients do not receive any formal training when they are prescribed a self-injectable course of therapy at their healthcare provider’s office. For those patients who do receive training, the average training time is just 16 min, which discourages patients from practicing or asking questions.

“We understand the need for comprehensive training for drug delivery devices, especially for new patients or those with dexterity challenges. They will greatly benefit from having training on our UniSafe 1 mL spring-free design, which is already simple to use and has safety features, such as a shielded needle and integrated plunger,” says Michael Earl, director of Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services. “We are excited about working with Noble, and its extensive experience in providing a thorough training package will help to ensure that UniSafe patients are confident to deliver their medication and adhere to their drug regimen, therefore, helping to achieve a positive impact on outcomes.”

“This collaboration further strengthens both organizations’ commitment to provide patients with the tools and resources to help them achieve better health outcomes,” adds Jeff Miller, director of business development, Noble. “Noble’s deep understanding of the anxieties and challenges that patients who self-administer face, combined with Owen Mumford’s device experience and expertise, can better enable patients to begin their therapeutic treatment sooner and maintain their regiment longer.” 

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