Innotech, Osaro Building Demonstration AI Picking Robot System

The 2 companies are jointly providing picking robots and building a system for their introduction into Rohto Pharmaceutical’s new factory production line.

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Osaro, a global leader in the development and provision of advanced robotics automation, and Innotech, which provides advanced products for electronics and consumer industries, have announced a collaboration to create an innovative demonstration for Rohto Pharmaceutical using AI piece-picking robots.

The two companies are jointly providing picking robots and building a system for their introduction into a new factory production line, scheduled for completion in 2022. Osaro will take the lead in providing AI software to improve the efficiency of robot operations, and Innotech will provide support from demonstration testing to integration of the AI software.

By automating the picking of bottle products, one of the most labor-intensive tasks in the production process, with robots, the collaboration aims to reduce the workload and improve productivity at the Rohto factory. Rohto produces OTC medicines, beauty products, and supplements. In the eye care category, sales of OTC eye drops account for more than 40% of the Japanese market.

Osaro CEO Derik Pridmore states, “We are honored to have Osaro’s picking technology recognized by the next-generation smart factory of Rohto Pharmaceutical. We believe that the ability to integrate with existing equipment is a great advantage to create a new model case for Japan’s future factories and warehouses.”

Yosuke Kaburaki, director, Innotech, adds, “We have been conducting basic experiments with Rohto Pharmaceutical using robots that incorporate Osaro's AI software. In the future, Innotech will continue to speed up the integration of Osaro’s software technology into Rohto’s production process to make it more effective and efficient.”

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