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Videojet Upgrades the 9550 Print & Apply Labeling System with a New 6” Printhead Option

Videojet 9550 increases reliability, efficiency and productivity for outer case and bundle packaging.

9550 Lpa Direct Front 2

Videojet Technologies announces the new Videojet 9550 6” Print & Apply Labeler (LPA) system for Direct Apply Labeling applications. By expanding the printing capability of the 9550 2” and 4” systems to include a 6” unit, Videojet now offers the 9550’s performance to a broader audience.

The Videojet 9550 Print & Apply system has proven successful due to the innovative design that eliminates the mechanical adjustments, wear parts and failure points that can cause everyday operational problems. Using Intelligent Motion™ technology, the entire machine is automatically and precisely controlled. 9550 Lpa Boxes Online 1

As manufacturers implement lean practices, operations teams are focused on high value tasks with limited time to focus on end-of-line labeling systems that require mechanical adjustments and frequent intervention. Responding to these needs, Videojet Technologies took an innovative approach to LPA design with the Videojet 9550 to address and fix the common causes of lost productivity. The 9550 with Direct Apply™ places the label onto the pack without the need for a tamp or air blast applicator, achieving throughput speeds up to 150 packs per minute for typical 4” x 6” GS1 barcode labels, dependent on environment, label quality and substrate.  Direct Apply technology removes the need for complex applicators for typical top or side label applications, reducing the number of labels being incorrectly applied or mangled during application. 

Manual adjustments are one of the main causes of daily operational problems, and can result in costly downtime and production loss. The Videojet 9550’s direct drive system, with Intelligent Motion™ technology, feeds and places labels accurately even at high line speeds without the use of manual adjustments, clutches or nip rollers. Only two operator touches are required to manage job selection and web changeover, complemented by a collapsible mandrel to ensure quick label changes. The entire label path is controlled to ensure web tension from start to finish, irrespective of speed or label size.

By incorporating Intelligent Motion™ technology, the entire system is precisely and electronically controlled, targeting zero unscheduled downtime on production lines. Intelligent Motion technology provides ribbon feed and printhead control, ensuring print quality and improved performance. Requiring no factory air, the system prints and directly applies labels to cases and trays at high speeds. Using its clutch-less ribbon drive, the 9550 substantially reduces ribbon waste and improves printhead life.

The trends toward increasing retailer and regulatory requirements and SKU complexity are main concerns for manufacturers seeking to safeguard their operations from costly labeling errors.  Helping manufacturers adhere to applicable standards, the 9550 comes equipped with the Videojet CLARiTY® touch screen interface that features intuitive job selection, comprehensive feedback, and diagnostics to minimize human error. This single interface provides manufacturers with built-in Code Assurance solutions that focus on getting the right label on the right case, time after time.

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