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This Molecule Eliminates the Protein that Causes Parkinson’s

Researchers at the University of Dundee have designed a molecule that could change the way we treat Parkinson’s disease.

Nia Brain Medical Graphic For Parkinsons Disease 102721 500px 02

The protein Leucine Rich Repeat Kinase 2, aka LRRK2, is linked to the development of Parkinson’s disease. Previously, scientists have been able to inhibit how that protein functions to lessen the impact of neurodegenerative decline. However, according to a recent University Business article, a team of researchers at the University of Dundee has found a way to degrade it with the help of a new molecule they designed called XL01126.

Degrading a target protein comes with a host of benefits like a more effective response to lower doses, and more targeted intervention with fewer side effects and less disease resistance. The molecule employs the cell's natural waste disposal systems to  eradicate the Parkinson’s protein from within. The team is now working on more pre-clinical studies to determine efficacy and safety in a living body.

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