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Doctors Want Spotify to Act Against Joe Rogan’s Misinformation

An open letter doesn’t call for Rogan’s removal from Spotify, but for counter-misinformation policy.

You probably know former comedian and tv personality Joe Rogan as a popular podcast host with more than 10 million listeners. You probably don’t know him as a medical professional, which according to a recent article from The Hill, is a problem since he has been spreading misinformation. A group of 270 healthcare professionals penned an open letter to Spotify asking for the streaming company to take action against Rogan for being “a menace to public health.”

The coalition of doctors specifically took issue with an episode featuring Robert Malone, a virologist who promotes false information about COVID-19. The letter doesn’t call for Spotify to fire Rogan or remove his show, but rather the doctors want the company to develop a counter-misinformation policy to combat harmful ideas from propagating on their service. Spotify has previously not condemned the podcast host.

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