Casts for Pet Fractures Get a Big Upgrade

A new anatomical casting solution specifically designed for animals aims to reduce sores, pain, and stiffness.

An astounding 60% of animals with casts experience additional injuries because casts aren’t designed for their specific anatomy. This can cause sores, pain and stiffness for man’s best friend, and since they can’t communicate the discomfort, complications can progress quickly. Thankfully, a recent NEWSWIRE article discussed a new suite of splints that are designed around the specific anatomy of animals.

OrthoPets just launched the splints, which are made from biodegradable, breathable and heat-molded moodcast material, which is both stronger and lighter than fiberglass. The pre-shaped casts give pets a wider range of mobility, allowing them to move naturally and prevent sores and discomfort for quicker healing without complications. 

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