Scientists Create Thermostable Insulin

Insulin that previously had to be kept at 4 degrees Celsius can now withstand temperatures up to 65 degrees Celsius.

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Insulin is categorized as a cold chain product because it loses potency when exposed to heat or when frozen. The delicate nature of the peptide hormone can be inconvenient for diabetic people who must constantly monitor not only their insulin levels, but also the temperature of their insulin supply. Thankfully, a recent article from The Times of India discussed a new “fridge-free” insulin conceived by scientists in India that aims to put an end to the biggest hurdle for insulin-dependent patients.

The thermostable insulin was developed by two scientists at the Bose Institute and the Indian Institute of Chemical Biology. The key to the breakthrough was introducing a matrix of four amino acid peptide molecules inside insulin molecules, which prevent solidification of the insulin molecules regardless of temperature. According to a faculty member at Bose Institute, “You will be able to keep it outside the refrigerator for as long as you want, something that will help diabetes patients across the world.”

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