Major Medical Centers Are Nixing Aduhelm

The controversial new Alzheimer’s drug may be FDA-approved, but there’s no shortage of critics.

Last month, we discussed Aduhelm, Biogen’s recently-approved Alzheimer’s drug that received pushback from medical professionals who believe the FDA put the cart ahead of the horse. Now, according to a New York Times article, two major medical centers, Cleveland Clinic and Mount Sinai, have decided not to administer the drug to patients. 

Cleveland Clinic, one of the most well-respected medical centers in America, released a statement saying that a panel of its experts reviewed scientific evidence on the drug’s safety and efficacy and decided not to carry it at this time. However, a spokesperson for the clinic noted that individual physicians can prescribe Aduhelm, but patients would have to receive the monthly intravenous infusion elsewhere. 

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