This Patch Apparently Increases Your Memory 20% for $60/mo

The Air Force is a customer of the neuroscience startup behind the memory-increasing wearable.

You ever pause mid-sentence because you completely forgot what in the world you were saying? Or read an entire page and realize you retained zero information and have to re-read it multiple times? According to a recent Forbes article, there’s a neuroscience startup aiming to change the way we learn and remember, with a patch that’s worn on the forehead.

The company is called Humm, and their product is a neurostimulation patch that creates transcranial alternating current stimulation, aka electrical charge to the prefrontal cortex of the brain, to boost memory 20%. Humm will debut as a subscription that costs $60/month. Subscribers will receive new patches periodically, which means they won’t have to clean or recharge the disposable patches. 

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