New Medical Gun Produces Fake Skin to Treat Burns

A new way to treat burns gives patients increased mobility and the ability to shower with the bandage.

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A recent article from The Guardian covered an innovative new “Spiderman-style” way to treat burns. It’s called the Spincare system, and it was developed by Israel-based medical company Nanomedic Technologies. The “system” is essentially a gun that produces a translucent layer of protective webbing that covers burns and wounds. The breathable skin substitute helps patients recover more comfortably and with better mobility than traditional bandages.

The technique the device uses is called electrospinning, and it uses electricity to create nano-fibres from a solution. The technology has been used for years, but not in a small device like the Spincare system, which can easily be carried to a patient’s bedside. The device can also provide additives such as antibiotics, collagen, and cannabis. To see a short video with more information, click here.

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