Not Fair: Paramedics Get to Use Jet Suits

Jet suits allow paramedics to reach stricken hikers in a matter of seconds.

When an accident occurs, every minute that passes before a paramedic arrives can mean the difference between life and death. But what happens when someone gets injured in a remote location like a hiking trail? According to a recent Medgadget article, paramedics can now use jet suits to reach people in distress in just seconds. England’s Great North Air Ambulance Service is testing a new suit that aims to bring pioneering pre-hospital care to the scene of severely injured or ill patients. 

In tests, “stricken” people who were roughly a 25 minute hike up a hill were reached in less than two minutes. Outside of looking awesome, the jet suit is outfitted with five turbines that generate more than 1,000 horsepower to reach speeds of 85 miles per hour. A video of the suit can be seen here.

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