New Exosuit Helps with Stroke Rehab

The exosuit helps stroke victims regain mobility in their legs.

People who’ve suffered a stroke need significant rehabilitation to restore mobility. To help expedite this process, engineers have developed soft exosuits that help patients perform everyday tasks. A recent Medgadget article noted positive trial results for the latest device, the ReStore exosuit from ReWalk Robotics. The FDA-approved device performed well in tests for safety, feasibility, and reliability with post-stroke patients who suffer weakness of the ankle. 

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The ReStore exosuit consists of a motor strapped to a waist belt with cables that run down to the wearer’s calf and insole. The cables can apply force to the insole or calf to assist with ankle movement. The suit also contains sensors that relay information to a smartphone so a physical therapist can modify the amount of force applied as the use progresses.

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