Does Wearing a Mask Impair Your Breathing? LG Has the Answer.

Big Tech has stepped up to the plate with their version of the facemask.

The WHO and CDC are constantly modifying recommendations for face masks to keep the public safe from coronavirus. Is it two or three plies now? Cotton or silk? Keeping up can be a hassle. However, a recent arsTECHNICA article reported on a high-tech mask from LG that takes compliance to a new level. The PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier is essentially a tiny air purifier that straps onto the wearer’s face.

The mask features a fan and a HEPA filter on both sides of the face as well as a patented “Respiratory Sensor” that matches the speed of the fans to the pace of the wearer’s breath to make breathing feel effortless. While the mask does appear bulky, LG claims it can be worn comfortably for hours. However, the battery only lasts for eight hours on low mode, and two hours on low.

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