Quick Hits: FDA Approves First Prescription Video Game

It’s the first video game that can legally be marketed and prescribed as medicine in the U.S.

Prescription Video Game
Prescription Video Game
Akili Interactive

A recent article from The Verge discussed a new first in the world of video games. On June 25th, the FDA approved a video game called EndeavorRX from Akili Interactive. The game, intended for kids ages 8-12 with ADHD, can be played on the iPhone or iPad. It’s the first-and-only prescription treatment delivered through a video game, and the best part is that it actually works. 

After seven years of clinical trials they found that one-third of kids treated “no longer had a measurable attention deficit on at least one measure objective attention” after playing the game for 25 minutes a day, five days a week, for four weeks. Though it should be noted the studies were conducted by doctors working for the game’s developer. A video with more information can be seen here.

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